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TheĀ 2015 San Francisco Domestic Violence Awareness campaign was launched in hopes of lowering the cases of abuse in the city and the rest of the Bay Area. You see, it may be a melting pot of various cultures, which entails that there should be more peace-loving folks here. However, offenders still tend to get away with their wrongdoing sometimes, especially if the violence has taken place at home.

Nevertheless, there may be a couple of things that you still don’t understand about domestic abuse.

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Women And Children Are Not The Only Victims

Whenever concerned agencies release an infomercial to raise awareness about the matter, they tend to stick with the same plot. For instance, a husband beats up his wife, or a dad locks up his kid.

Although such maltreatmentsĀ do occur, it does not entail that only women and children become victims of abuse. There are also male victims who contact the police to report the domestic violence they have suffered in the hands of a female member of the family. Hence, the representations of abuse in the media merely show a portion of reality.

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The Scars May Not Be Physically Present All The Time, But They Still Exist

Once a victim comes out to ask for help from the authorities, and the news about the violence spreads, the comments of the relatives tend to sound similar. “I never noticed anything out of place when I visited their house.” “There were no bruises; that’s why I thought everything’s okay.”

The truth is that abuse isn’t always acted out physically. The more dangerous offenders attack their victims emotionally or mentally – as if they know that that will leave a deeper scar than anything.

How To Stop Domestic Violence?

The best thing you can do is to become observant of your loved ones’ actions. While not every victim may be vocal at first about their suffering, you will be able to tell that something’s off with their actions.

Find out the different signs of abuse today.

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