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Are you one of those adult women who want to make evident changes in her wardrobe yet still does not want to throw away all of her other clothes? I know how you feel — I have been in your shoes not too long ago, too. The flannels that I used to love became boring after a few years, and so I wanted to change things up. However, any wardrobe change should not come at the cost of your mental health, to the point that you need to see a psychologist after.

“Shopping and spending behaviors often come from internal motivations such as emotions, experiences, and culture,” says Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner. “You look at shopping or storing behaviors, even putting together outfits, and people think of it as fluff. But any behavior is rooted in something deeper. I look at the deeper meaning of choices, just like I would in therapy,”

Mind you; you do not have to be in your 30s or 40s to be called an adult. After your 21st birthday, whether you like it or not, you are already considered as a full-fledged adult. However, I am not saying this to emphasize that you are already old because you are not. You are just a mature woman who is not completely satisfied with her preference for clothing at the moment and is looking for some things that can suit you better.

In my opinion, adding “ruffles” to your wardrobe or touching up your usual choice of apparel should mainly be based on what is comfortable for you in terms of cost and of being seen in public in it. I had to mention cost since it is pretty obvious that you do not want to spend too much; that’s why you are not trying to do a total makeover to your wardrobe. And it is not a bad thing. We are in a generation where not everything good has to be expensive, and this is the same reason why even women who have more than enough to spend on clothes find it more practical to just add small details to their closet necessities than changing everything.

However, if it will make you feel better to listen to some tips that other girls can impart to you, those things that are already classified as “tried and tested” are all here.


Be A Little More On The Conservative Side

When you grow up, your taste with clothes should grow up with you, too. You are now an adult lady, so it is quite expected that you will look like a woman of substance, elegance, and power, and not a woman who, unfortunately, has not outgrown her love for colorful dresses. I am not saying that you should be tiresome to look at now, but you do not need to wear outfits with a plunging neckline to be told that you are not that old for such garments either. It all comes down to how you carry yourself and the cover-up that makes you look fantabulous.

Invest In Beautiful Footwear

Some people think that you should buy cool-looking shoes more when you are a teenager because you will not be able to use them in your adulthood. That is partly a lie because you may not be ready to wear them when you are pregnant and when you are busy running after your kids, but you will not be pregnant all your life, and your kids will grow, too. So, you still do need to invest in excellent footwear like wedges, pumps, and gladiators so that despite your age, you will always come out as classy, that you are getting older with style.


You should have any type of blazer in your closet, especially the boyfriend blazer. It can look good with almost all kinds of clothes and is very comfortable to wear. Of course, it can make any apparel look chic and classy.

Hajo Adam, Ph.D. wrote, “How can we harness the power of enclothed cognition in our everyday lives? “Keep in mind the characteristics that you associate with a piece of clothing. “For example, if you wear a tailored suit or dress, you might feel more empowered and confident, and perform better at work. If you wear some specialized fitness gear, it might make you feel more energized to work out harder.”


There are now these new leggings which can hug your curves perfectly while looking like jeans. They are very reasonable to wear for anyone because they feel less stuffy than our usual denim or black pants.


Jewelry and Accessories

You are now in the age in which plastic or wooden jewelry is not as highly advisable to wear as when you were in your teens. You should invest more in simple diamond studs, pearls, or any gem that can define your maturity without making you resemble a senior citizen. Gold and silver are good choices, too; do not overdo them or else you will look like you have hepatitis or something like that. And finally slaying with a good choice of bag may help you look more elegant. Take a look at the best purses for mom and find the best fit your personality.

Final Thoughts

You still have a long way to go, woman, as far as fashion goes. It is as fluid as water. It always changes! Nevertheless, what you need to make sure is that you should mature WITH style. Now, that is something that you should not forget. Cheers!

“I’m not advocating for plastic surgery and extreme diets. I do advocate for presenting an attractive, updated, professional image that represents how you want the world to judge you.” – Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D. 


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