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I always attend events like the 2018 Domestic Violence Conference. Since 2015, when I divorced from my abusive husband, I would go to conferences or seminars on domestic abuse or domestic violence as long as it is open for public attendees. I do not want to re-live those days of slapping, screaming, pulling, hitting, and smacking. It is not my intention. But going to these events makes me feel I am strong. I have survived all the assaults and the abuse towards me for years while I stand tall. Him? He is going further down that dark pit.

My name is Marissa Fernandez, and I have survived the greatest beating of my life, like literally. I got my nose misaligned, my jaw was broken, my shoulder dislocated, two ribs cracked, and my kneecap injured. Not only that – I have also survived mental anguish for more or less sixteen months from the person whom I thought will be my protector for the rest of my life. Some say I married the wrong guy. I beg to differ. What I tell them is that I married the right guy because everything that happened to me so far was already predestined by God. I was fated to be with a person who is so damaged and broken in the head, and that he will be my greatest challenge.


Yes, I look at life positively, and the domestic violence conferences that I participate in are the source of my strength. It is like saying and feeling to myself – β€œHey, Marissa. You little toughie. Look at you now. You are in a conference for women who have been so badly beaten like you. You are here to tell them what happened to you and how you escaped all that. You are a survivor, Marissa. Be an inspiration to others who have difficulty seeing the light.”

I never said it was an easy life. Those sixteen months were the hardest and most terrible time of my life. I would not wish it even on my enemies. But I emerged, stronger and wiser. I am better now, and my scars are a reminder of how lucky I am to be alive and living a blissful life.

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